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The best activities & deals in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Each tour have been visited and approved by our team, in order to select only the best experiences to have happy visitors! Book your experience now in Chiang Mai!

Mae Ping River Cruise

Chiang Mai half day ฿ 650 ฿ 550 thb/pers.

Doi Inthanon National Park Sightseeing

Chiang Mai 1 day ฿ 1500 ฿ 1380 thb/pers.

Half-day Smile Organic cooking class

Chiang Mai half day ฿ 900 ฿ 740 thb/pers.

Khantoke Dinner & Thai Dance Show

Chiang Mai half day ฿ 850 ฿ 760 thb/pers.

Muay Thai, Thai boxing super fight

Chiang Mai 1 day ฿ 1000 ฿ 960 thb/pers.

Dragon Flight Zipline

Chiang Mai 1 day ฿ 1700 ฿ 1590 thb/pers.

Adventure trekking 2 days 1 night Mae Taeng area

Chiang Mai 2 days 1 night ฿ 1800 ฿ 1520 thb/pers.

Thong Elephant Sanctuary

Chiang Mai 1 day ฿ 2400 ฿ 2350 thb/pers.

Doi Suthep Sunrise & Monk Food Offering

Chiang Mai half day ฿ 1350 ฿ 1120 thb/pers.

Doi Suthep at night, less touristy

Chiang Mai half day ฿ 700 ฿ 540 thb/pers.

Adventure trekking 1 day Mae Taeng area

Chiang Mai 1 day ฿ 1500 ฿ 1360 thb/pers.

Chiang Mai is also called Rose of the North ,

It is also the capital of northern Thailand, located near the highest mountains in the country. Chiang Mai is highly appreciated by visitors for its simplicity and authenticity.

Known and recognized for its many ancient temples, including Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai is a city where life is good, visit, relax, enjoy a massage ...
Chiang Mai means "New City" because it succeeded Chiang Rai as the capital of the northern region, called Lanna region.

The city is also very famous for its trekking, for example in national parks like the one of Doi Inthanon , because the temperatures are cooler than in the rest of the country: Chiang Mai has a humid and dry tropical climate. However, in the summer, the highest temperature ever recorded was 42.4 ° C (108.3 ° F) in May 2005!

Let's take a quick tour of the city together.


The city of Chiang Mai was founded in 1296 by King Mengrai. It was quickly fortified by a wall, which draws a square around the city, and the very famous Wat Phra Singh temple was built within it. The defensive walls, of which we still see the ruins of our days all around the city, were built to defend themselves against the Burmese armies and the Mongol empire.


The emblem of the city is the stupa (temple dome) of Wat Doi Suthep temple, with clouds representing the moderate climate of the mountains of northern Thailand. As often, there is also the Naga, the famous mystical snake, which would be the origin of the Ping River that runs through the city.


The city is a mandatory destination if you like temples (Wat in Thai language) because there are more than 300 here To visit of course: Wat Phra Doi Suthep - the Golden Temple, the Wat Chiang Mai - the oldest of the city and the Wat Phra Singh, Wat Chedi Luang ...

The temple of Doi Suthep is generally visited in half a day. We advise you not to arrive too late in the morning, to begin the visit before the buses of tourists!

With regard to Doi Inthanon, which is the highest mountain in Thailand (2565 m above sea level), it does not have a temple strictly speaking, but the two pagodas of the king and the queen . Located about 1h30 drive from the city, it takesat least a day to take full advantage of it, especially by visiting the national park in which it is located.

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